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Meet Colleen

Thanks for visiting! I’m Colleen, the creative enthusiast behind these photos.

I’m a business management grad and began my career in the marketing industry gaining experience in both print and digital creative project management. I quickly became infatuated with branding and website design – but found myself sitting in front of a screen for way too many hours of the day. Outside of the daily full-time grind, I was desperately seeking a hobby that not only gave me that creative outlet, but got me out of the house and kept me active. 

I love all things creative. At a very early age, I found my love for art. I’ve always had an interest in photography, so when I finally had the means to buy my first camera, I went all-in and haven’t looked back. 

One family/friend after another, I have started to receive several referrals and requests for portrait photography – which is what brought me here today. I love portrait photography because it doesn’t just capture images, but memories. As time continues on, a photo captures those moments and freezes them forever. 

Creating art that is impactful, and REAL, makes me incredibly happy. I can’t wait to capture your memories (and have a total blast at the same time!). 

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